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ARK Survival Evolved Color ID Chart for Dinos Regions

by Jutt
Color ID Chart for Dinos Regions

Color ID Chart for Dinos Regions

Color ID Chart for Dinos Regions can be employed to give a beast you asked by exercising coloring operation up to 6 sections( locale number 0 to 5). To set a quarter( R) of a beast with color ID( C), execute the accompanying ark press orders

setTargetDinoColor R C
A portion of the accompanying colors can show up just as a change in bred creatures.

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ID Color Name Color Code( Hex)

1 RED#ff0000
2 Blue# 0000ff
3 herbage# 00ff00
4 unheroic#ffff00
5 Cyan# 00ffff
6 Magenta#ff00ff
7 Light herbage#c0ffba
8 Light Grey#c8caca
9 Light Brown# 786759
10 Light Orange#ffb46c
11 Light unheroic#fffa8a
12 Light Red#ff756c
13 Dark Grey# 7b7b7b
14 Black# 3b3b3b
15 Brown# 593a2a
16 Dark Green# 224900
17 Dark Red# 812118
18 White#ffffff
19 Dino Light Red#ffa8a8
20 Dino Dark Red# 592b2b
21 Dino Light Orange#ffb694
22 Dino Dark Orange# 88532f
23 Dino Light Yellow#cacaa0
24 Dino Dark Yellow# 94946c
25 Dino Light Green#e0ffe0
26 Dino Medium Green# 799479
27 Dino Dark Green# 224122
28 Dino Light Blue#d9e0ff
29 Dino Dark Blue# 394263
30 Dino Light Purple#e4d9ff
31 Dino Dark Purple# 403459
32 Dino Light Brown#ffe0ba
33 Dino Medium Brown# 948575
34 Dino Dark Brown# 594e41
35 Dino Darker Grey# 595959
36 Dino Albino#ffffff
37 BigFoot0#b79683
38 BigFoot4#eadad5
39 BigFoot5#d0a794
40 WolfFur#c3b39f
41 DarkWolfFur# 887666
42 DragonBase0#a0664b
43 DragonBase1#cb7956
44 DragonFire#bc4f00
45 DragonGreen0# 79846c
46 DragonGreen1# 909c79
47 DragonGreen2#a5a48b
48 DragonGreen3# 74939c
49 WyvernPurple0# 787496
50 WyvernPurple1#b0a2c0
51 WyvernBlue0# 6281a7
52 WyvernBlue1# 485c75
53 Dino Medium Blue# 5fa4ea
54 Dino Deep Blue# 4568d4
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