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Astral planes are the unseen realm that surrounds and intersects with our physical world. They are home to entities such as angels, ghosts, and spirits of all kinds. These entities often visit our world in order to help us or to hurt us, depending on our actions and beliefs. Astral spells are a way to contact these entities and ask for their help or guidance. This guide will teach you how to perform Astral spells using simple techniques that you can apply in your everyday life. By understanding and using these spells, you can gain access to hidden knowledge and power that can help you achieve your goals.

What are Astral Spells?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the concept of “astral spells” is relative and open to interpretation. Generally speaking, though, an astral spell refers to any type of spell that is cast using either your own astral energy or the energy of a spirit guide. Astral spells can be used for a variety of purposes, including spiritual healing, divination, and protection.

To cast an astral spell, you will first need to establish a clear connection to your innermost essence. This can be done through meditation or visualization exercises. Once you have connected with your inner light, you can begin channeling your spiritual energy into the spell. You can also summon your spirit guide to help you cast the spell; they are often skilled in performing specific kinds of magic.

Remember: always consult with a professional before attempting any type of magical ritual. Astral spells are powerful tools that should be used with caution and understanding.

How do Astral Spells Work?

Astral spells work with the astral body and astral projection. Astral projection is the ability to step out of your physical body and explore the world beyond. Astral bodies are made up of energy and can travel to other places in the astral realm.

Astral spells use this power to cast spells on others or on yourself. Spells can be used for healing, protection, curses, and more. You can also use your astral connection to enter other people’s dreams or fantasies to influence their behavior.

To cast an astral spell, you need to set your intention and focus your energy. You also need some specific ingredients, such as incense or candles, that will help you focus your thoughts and create a magical space.

What are the Benefits of Using Astral Spells?

Astral spells are a type of magic that uses the astral plane. They involve using your imagination to project yourself into the astral world, and then using your magical powers to do whatever you want in that world. Astral spells can be used for a variety of purposes, including healing, prophesying, and contacting spirits.

There are a number of benefits to using astral spells. First of all, they’re incredibly powerful. Because you’re using your imagination to enter the astral world, you can use your magical powers to do things that you couldn’t do on the physical plane. This means that astral spells can be used to heal people or predict the future.

Another benefit of astral Spells is that they’re often very quick and easy to use. Since you’re working with your imagination rather than relying on physical tools, astral spells are usually much more effective than traditional magic techniques. This means that you can often get results much more quickly than you would with other types of magic.

Finally, astral spells can be really fun! Using your creative abilities to access the spiritual realm can be really rewarding. If you’re open to it, exploring the world of astral spells may be an enjoyable experience that brings you lots of benefits in return

Should You Use Astral Spells?

Astral spells are spells that use the astral plane to cast the spell. The astral plane is a place that exists between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is home to spirits and other types of energy. Astral spells can be used to cast spells without having to use a physical object as the source of power. This makes them especially useful for people who don’t have access to traditional forms of magic. Astral spells can also be used to find objects or information.


If you are interested in spiritual growth and seeking to connect with the divine, then astral spells can be an excellent way to achieve this. Astral spells involve working with your thoughts and emotions in order to manifest what you desire in your life. They are often used by people looking for guidance, healing, or divination. By using astral spells, you can allow yourself access to unseen forces that can help guide you towards your goals. So if you’re ready to take your spiritual journey a step further, consider casting an astral spell. See More

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