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Udaariyaan written update about last episode

by Jutt
Udaariyaan written update

Udaariyaan written update

It’s the last day of the month and we have an update for you about the last episode of Udaariyaan. Farhan has decided to keep his promise to Karthika and visits her house. However, he soon realizes that her father is not as sympathetic to their relationship as he had made out to be.

He also gets an unpleasant surprise when he finds out that she is already married. Meanwhile, Priyanka is still reeling from her breakup with Rohan and starts drinking heavily. When she goes out with some friends, she gets into an altercation with some men which leads to them beating her up. Finally, in a heart-wrenching incident, Karthika accidentally drowns her child in a bathtub. In this episode,

we see how everyone deals with their respective problems and try to come to terms with what has happened. Will Farhan be able to win over Karthika’s father? Will Priyanka be able to get back together with Rohan? And will Karthika be able to forgive herself for what happened? Stay tuned to find out!

Review of the last episode Udaariyaan written update

The last episode of Udaariyaan was excellent. The suspense and mystery was well done and it kept the audience engaged all the way to the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed the climax and how everything came together. It made for an exciting finale.

Overall, I thought the episode was great and I’m looking forward to watching the next episode.

Mid-season finale review

“Udaariyaan written update ” concludes its mid-season finale with some big revelations. While the show had teased that Pradyuman was in fact Jagannathan’s son, the true identity of the man who killed Piyush is finally revealed. The episode also features some thrilling action sequences and ends on a cliffhanger that will surely have fans eagerly waiting for the next installment.

The mid-season finale sees Piyush (Rajesh Khanna) being pushed off the terrace of his house by Jagannathan (Amitabh Bachchan). It is clear from the outset that Jagannathan is responsible for Piyush’s death as he reveals that he hired someone to kill him. Meanwhile, Yogesh (Rishi Kapoor) races to find out who hired Jagannathan and soon uncovers a shocking truth about Pradyuman (Girish Karnad).

While the identity of Pradyuman’s killer is revealed in the end,Udaariyaan written update viewers are left wondering what will happen next. The show has left us on a cliffhanger and we can only wait to find out what happens next.

New character reveals

Udaariyaan written update After Episode 173, there have been a lot of speculation about who the new character is. Finally, after much deliberation and wait, the identity of the new character has been revealed. So without further ado, here is the blog’s reveal for Episode 174’s Udaariyaan.

The new character is none other than Aashiq Abu! He will be playing the role of Javed, a scheming person who wants to take over the business empire of his brother-in-law (played by Karthik). Javed is also known to be very ruthless in his pursuit for success and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He will come into conflict with both Chandra ( Played by Sivaji Ganesan) and Raghavan ( Played by Sundar C.) in upcoming episodes.

Shoaib’s return

The last episode of Udaariyaan ended with a cliffhanger. The audience is left wondering what will happen to Shoaib and whether he will be able to get his revenge on Rathor.

Here’s a quick update on what happened in the last episode:

Udaariyaan written update Shoaib successfully manages to track down Rathor and corners him in a dark alley. However, Rathor is not afraid of Shoaib and comes straight at him, intending to kill him. Shoaib fights back, but is outnumbered and soon finds himself on the ground, bleeding out.

Rathor takes advantage of the situation and stabs Shoaib in the stomach, rendering him unconscious. With one final push, Rathor succeeds in killing Shoaib.

Review of the week

A review of the week is given below:

Udaariyaan written update The episode began with Shahid and Sushma leaving the room, while Ranveer and Swara were left alone. Ranveer then asked her how she was feeling, to which she replied that she’s fine. He then said that he knows that she is not fine, but he also knows that there’s nothing he can do about it. Swara then asked him why he is being so supportive of her, to which he replied that he doesn’t know. They both then looked at each other and smiled.

Shahid and Sushma soon returned and informed Ranveer and Swara that they have found a place for them to stay in Mumbai. They were also told that they will have to leave the next day as their visas don’t allow them to stay any longer. Ranveer was disappointed as he wanted to spend more time with Swara, but Shahid told him that they can always come back later.

Later that night, Swara asked Ranveer if he would like to spend some time with her tomorrow, but he declined as he has to leave early the next day. She then asked him if he was okay,

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